Casual Collection Washing Instructions

Washing instructions for all the dresses and the ruffle jackets and the classic jackets are Machine wash cold water, hang dry.  They don’t wrinkle and they pack perfectly.

You can put them in the dryer for a brief time if you are in a hurry, but generally, they come out of the washing machine almost dry anyway.  Its the dry fit, or travelers fabric or wicking fabric.

Because the structure of the fabric is a honeycomb, it wicks moisture away from the body through the honeycombs.

If you use fabric softener, over time, it clogs the pores and make the fabric less able to wick.  Hot dryers, over time, close the pores and also make the fabric less able to wick.

This information is good for all the new exercise fabrics and travelers fabrics. No matter the manufacturer, if it says cold water wash, hang dry,  it is because that holds the integrity of the fabric so you will have it for a very long time.