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Rave Reviews

I bought 8 dresses!

"I LOVE the coach dress because it is so comfortable, so stunning, so flattering, high quality, and easy to take care of! I own eight of them and get compliments every time I wear them!"
-- Meredith Sivick

I Love how it moves...

Last year I purchased one of your Coach collection dresses... I have traveled to Italy ,California with it and never a wrinkle! I love how it moves and the comfort is fantastic... Never thought I would find such a great dress at an Art Festival(Naples Florida),boy was I surprised and very happy! Thanks again,
-- Sue C.


"It brought tears to my eyes, it is so beautiful. Thank you so much Candiss. I've wanted that jacket for SO long. I am just beside myself. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, thank You, thanks. XOXOXOXOXOXOXO"
-- Caroline

They transcend time...

"Was quite a surprise seeing you at the Park City Art Show. Could you believe of all the pieces I brought with me on that trip...was one of yours? I just had to share again how fabulous your creations are. I've been fortunate to have several different pieces made by you. What is so wonderful about them is that they are classic in design. They transcend time...those that I have had for quite some time get as many positive comments as the more recent ones. I feel different - special - when I'm wearing them. It's like you've woven something magic in them. I'm eager to see your new line - and add a new creation to my wardrobe later this year. Continued best wishes - you are an artisan for sure; but more so a master in helping each of us look and feel our best."
-- Trish Hudson

The dress moves beautifully!

"My daughter gave me you sleeveless dress for Christmas. What a surprise that it fit perfectly and was beautiful too. My husband and I take ballroom dance lessons, and the dress moves beautifully! Makes me look great, so I ordered another one and gave your web site to Edie, our dance instructor. Look forward to the dance world shopping with you soon!"
-- Ingrid Tollefson

Love It!

"Dear Candiss, My dress, a birthday gift from my husband, fits perfectly, as I new it would. This my third Candiss Cole dress and they are my favorite piece of clothing to wear. They're so comfortable, very elegant and easy for travel. I've attached a photo of one of my dresses. I also have the same style, Brown one with gold accented floral panels.
With Warm Regards,
Mary & Bob Kamp

A fabulous dress!!!!

"I am just emailing to say a great big thank you for your wonderful designs! I purchased a dress (my favorite dress) at the Madison WI Art  on the square.  It is truly a fabulous dress!!!! I get so many compliments each time I wear it.  I have now learned to just carry your card everywhere I go and have passed along your website to many people. Great job!"
-- Kristin Hollis
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Love My Jacket!

"Hi Candiss! Not sure if you remember me but I bought one of your dresses at the Smoky Hill River Festival in Salina, Kansas (actually off your truck). Anyway, my mother bought one of your jackets as a birthday gift for me and I have been wearing it this fall and I absolutely love it! I get compliments on it wherever I go. Thanks again. Hope to see you in Salina next June!"
-- Cindy

It fits Perfectly!

"Hi Candiss,
I received the dress yesterday that I purchased in Portsmouth, VA and I just love it.  It fits perfectly and I can't wait to wear it at Bill's Dartmouth reunion!  I hope I get to dance because it looks so pretty when you twirl.  Guess I was doing the "little girl" thing in it! Anyway, Thanks again for the fast service and the alterations.  The dress is perfect!! Sincerely
-- Judy M., Virginia Beach

I Luv my coat!

"My coat arrived & I am extremely happy with it. It fits perfect & it arrived just in time for the holidays. Will see you in Louisville next year for St. James. If you have any upcoming specials please email me with the details. I just want to say, I Luv my coat!"
--Karen Casey

Absolutely Beautiful!

"Hi Candiss-- I wanted to share a short story with you. Yesterday was a little cool and I wore one of my Candiss jackets, one with greens and grey. I decided to take a walk here in DC over lunch. I was told by 3 strangers and 1 person I knew only by sight that my jacket was "absolutely beautiful." I thought you would enjoy hearing this. I look forward to seeing you in Gaithersburg in November. Give my regards to Rodger."
-- Rita Calvin

Many Compliments

"What a delight to receive the newest jacket. I wore it the very next day and it elicited many compliments. The fit was perfect - and I'm delighted to have discovered you!"
-- Dianne


"What can I say, your designs are inspiring. What is it they say, often imitated, never duplicated."
-- Caroline

The Most Beautiful Dress

"Hi. I purchased a dress and jacket on Memorial Day at a craft fair. I even modeled it - and brought in some customers for you. I wore the outfit last Saturday evening, when 6 of us went out for dinner. My very sophisticated and upscale friends immediately commented that this was the most beautiful dress I had ever worn and how fabulous I looked in it. Wow...did that make me feel happy I bought it. Now I'm going to check out your web site.Thank you!"
-- Susan


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